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Safavi, HR., Ghorbani, V., Geranmehr, MA., Optimization of Water Distribution Networks Using a New Entropy-based Mixed Reliability Index and a Fuzzy-based Constraint Handling Tec,Iranian Journal of Science and Technology, Transactions of Civil Engineering


This study presents a model taking both hydraulic and mechanical reliability into account in the multi-objective design of water distribution networks. For this purpose, a new mixed reliability index is developed. Furthermore, a fuzzy approach has been implemented to improve the constraints handling of the optimization model. Typically, crisp pressure and velocity constraints are used for water network design. However, in this paper, the effect of using fuzzy constraints is considered. Two well-known benchmark networks, the two-loop and the Hanoi focused on the proposed method. Finally, the results were discussed in several different cases of application. Also, a new modified layout for the two-loop was investigated. These examples revealed that the proposed fuzzy approach and the new reliability index could be partially efficient for the optimal design of water distribution networks.

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